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Android App

Android App

I am proud to introduce Awtrix’s own app. This makes it a lot easier to configure Awtrix. The app is still in beta but many features are already covered. The app should be self-explanatory. Through the menu in the upper right corner you can open the settings to configure Awtrix and start the games. You can download the App at the bottom. An iOS app may follow in the future.

Please note: The app communicates with Awtrix via UDP. The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is the simplest form of IP data transmission. Data is simply chased off in one direction. UPD does not take care that the data is transmitted without errors. It doesn’t even guarantee the arrival of the packages. This form of data transmission is the fastest and simplest but the ESP8266 is much less busy than with TCP.

Anyway, I try to confirm receipt by replying and send it again if necessary, but now and then it can be that the data is lost. In addition, it may be that other Awtrix applications have problems downloading their data due to a packet flood (e.g. due to a fast change of the brightness). But after the next Apploop everything should work again.

AWTRIX Preview AWTRIX Preview AWTRIX Preview