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AWTRIX can be remotely controlled via the BLYNK app. All settings are retained after restarting AWTRIX.

The app is available for iOS and Android. With the following QR-Code you can load the current BLYNK configuration.

image alt text

Blynk requires credits or energy for each visible/activated control element. It does not matter in which project/layout they are used. When a layout is copied, it costs twice as much energy. Unused items are credited back to the account. Therefore, when updating my layout, please delete your old one. So you always have enough energy left. One time 5€ (5000 energy) should be enough for the next updates. so far about 50% are used up.

In the app you will also find the API key which must be entered in config.json. Unfortunately, updates do not automatically update the app. The new BLYNK layout is kept up to date in the Facebook group and here.