QuestDrive 0.7

QuestDrive helps you to access all files on your Oculus Quest via HTTP or FTP. Wireless and without any additional PC software. It also works on Mobile Phones!


  • Optionally runs in the background on the Quest (even in standby) with optional autostart on boot and needs almost no resources.
  • File upload functionality
  • Shortlinks for quick navigation to VideoShots and Screenhosts
  • supports FTP ( Not all commands are implemented. The common feature are supported: upload, download, delete, rename, list and others. )
  • should also work on Oculus Go and any other Android Device

How to

  • Install QuestDrive via SideQuest
  • Start QuestDrive with SideQuest-TV or any other app launcher wich can start 2D Apps
  • Click „Start server“
  • In the Bottom line you will find the URL e.g „Server is running at
  • Open this URL in any Browser from your local network


  • enable FTP server (if the server is running, you have to stop and restart it after enabling)
  • Use a FTP client, like FileZilla with following login
    • User : quest
    • Password: drive
    • Port: 51041
Download, Upload or delete each file
extremely resource friendly

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